Group Counseling

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Current Group Counseling Offerings

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program is pleased to offer three new counseling groups by Zoom video session. Groups provide a powerful venue for change and growth that is different from that found in individual counseling and can be one of the most effective means of addressing many common concerns and issues. Groups offer a safe environment to discuss problems with others who are dealing with similar concerns and can help members through discussing and expressing feelings; helping to change unhelpful attitudes, behavior and habits; and promoting more constructive and adaptive ways of coping. Some groups may focus on providing members with information about specific issues or teaching them coping skills. 


Stressed with Kids: A Support Group for People Raising Children.

Is your child struggling to express themselves in safe and productive ways? Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or concerned? You are not alone. Parenting is hard. Asking for help is even harder. Come join other parents who can relate to the pressure, stress, and joys of raising children. This group is intended to provide mutual support and opportunities to discuss parenting challenges. In this group, you will also learn emotion regulation and mindfulness tools to help yourselves and your children.

Come learn, share, and explore with others who are also in the thick of it.

Open to all people who are parenting children. Stressed with Kids is a time limited group and will meet virtually by Zoom. Registration is required. If interested, please email Casey Benson at

Life Altering Conditions Group

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) will be offering a group for Faculty and Staff who are dealing with chronic medical conditions that have created various challenges and stressors in their daily lives.  This time-limited  group will offer a space for Cornell employees to share their experiences, provide mutual support and validation, and learn new coping strategies.  Both those currently dealing with a medical condition and those in remission are invited.

The FSAP welcomes you to join and encourages you to reach out to Jason Stark at if you have an interest or have additional questions. This group will meet virtually by Zoom.