Frequently Asked Questions


If you can't find the answer to your question, or you want additional information, please contact us at 607-255-2673 or

Please keep in mind that email is not a secure form of communication, and is not appropriate for confidential or sensitive information. 

Who is eligible for FSAP's services?

FSAP's services are available to benefits-eligible faculty, staff members (including those on layoff status), postdoctoral fellows and associates, visiting scholars, and retirees. Their spouses / partners are also eligible for care. 

Children are not eligible for care at FSAP. We currently do not provide family counseling.

What kind of services does FSAP provide? 

We provide confidential counseling, consultation, referrals, plus crisis response and community support. Learn more on our Services page.

Is there a fee to use FSAP's services?

Our counseling and consultation services are provided as a benefit to eligible individuals.

There is no charge for services.

What kind of issues can FSAP help with?

Our staff can help you with a variety of concerns, including (but not limited to):

  • emotional challenges such as depression, anxiety, and grief
  • relationship, family, or couples conflicts
  • job-related stress or challenges
  • problems with drinking and/or drug abuse
  • stress related to financial difficulties
  • transition to retirement

How can I be assured that my privacy will be protected?

Services provided by FSAP are confidential. We do not disclose names of clients, nor do we share client records or information with other university offices. See our Confidentiality page to review our privacy practices.

How many times can I meet with an FSAP counselor?

You are eligible for up to 10 counseling sessions with an FSAP provider within a calendar year. Our providers can make referrals to community resources if you feel you would benefit from more frequent or extended counseling, or when we believe FSAP’s scope of care is not suitable given the presenting problem.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The best way to schedule an appointment is by phone (607-255-2673). See our Appointments page for details.

Where are appointments offered?

We are currently offering appointments by telehealth and in-person at our main office; see our Services page for details. Individuals seeking in-person appointments at our previous satellite locations (see our Appointments page) may speak with a counselor virtually.

Does FSAP offer online counseling?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, online counseling was not offered through FSAP. We are now providing telehealth appointments in addition to in-person sessions, offered via phone and Zoom; see our Services page for details. Updates will be posted on the future of online counseling at FSAP as in-person appointments resume. 

Can I speak with a counselor by phone instead of meeting in person?

Ongoing phone appointments are available to all those who are eligible for FSAP’s services and are physically situated in New York State (see our Services page for details). 30-minute phone consultation appointments are offered for supervisors, managers, and others who are concerned about an employee or workplace situation. Updates will be posted on the future of phone appointments at FSAP as in-person appointments resume.

How can I get assistance when FSAP is closed?

You can call us 24/7 (607-255-2673) if you have an urgent mental health concern. When we're closed, you will be connected with a counselor from our on-call service who can make referrals to trusted Cornell and Ithaca resources.

For any emergency after hours, faculty and staff can contact Cornell University Police at 607-255-1111.

Does FSAP staff offer psychiatry and medication management services?

We do not offer psychiatric services. However, we can refer you to psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners in the Ithaca area who can prescribe medication, if appropriate. 

What are the qualifications of FSAP's staff?

FSAP counselors are mental health professionals with significant experience as therapists, educators, and consultants. All have educational backgrounds at the Masters Degree level or above. See our About page to learn more about our staff members. 

Can I choose which counselor I would like to see?

When you make your first appointment, you may request a specific counselor. When possible, we will accommodate your request. See our About page to learn more about our counselors. 

What if I have a concern about someone else?

FSAP staff can talk with you – confidentially – by phone or in person to listen to your concerns, help assess the situation, and make recommendations for conversations, strategies, intervention, or support. Please call us at 607-255-2673.

Does FSAP provide interpreters?

FSAP has a telephone-based language translation service with more than 200 languages offered for clients who feel more comfortable communicating with a counselor in their native language.

This service can be requested when you make your appointment. During your visit, a speaker phone will be used to facilitate translation. This service is completely confidential.