Geneva Employees

Cornell University’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) provides services for Cornell benefits-eligible NYSAES employees (faculty, staff, postdocs, visiting scholars, and retirees) and their partners located at the Geneva campus.

Counseling and support services

FSAP services

  • brief individual counseling, support, resources, and referral on such topics as personal life challenges, work-related concerns, family or relationship issues, alcohol and drug use, adjusting to change or loss, conflict resolution, and mental health issues
  • consultation with Geneva supervisors, managers, and others who are concerned about an employee or workplace situation 
  • seminars or workshops on select topics addressing common workplace stressors, conflicts, negotiations, etc.
  • 24/7 phone consultation for urgent mental health concerns (607 255-2673). FSAP partners with Cornell University's Gannett Health Services to provide responsive, professional phone consultation whenever the FSAP office is closed. This ensures that you can call FSAP anytime of day or night, every day of the year, and speak confidentially with a licensed counselor or health care provider. 

By location

  • Geneva campus services will be offered to employees
     - the first Thursday of every month; (beginning March 2; call FSAP to confirm dates)
     - from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
     - in Room B4 of Jordan Hall (614 W. North St.; located at #1 on the NYSAES campus map)
  • Ithaca campus services are provided Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–5 pm. Review FSAP office location (and accessibility) as well as information about language assistance.
  • Phone services (any time, anywhere): 607-255-2673

ENI services  

Employee Network Incorporated (ENI), an external agency, provides Cornell employees, their partners and retirees with referrals to local mental health providers. Upon contacting ENI (800 327-2255), the employee will be referred to a provider for up to three no cost sessions. Further sessions may be funded through the employee’s health insurance benefits program.

Contact FSAP

Our location
312 College Ave.
Suite A
Ithaca NY, 14850

Special Hours:
Dec 17-21 & Jan 2–Jan 18

8:30 am–4:30 pm
(10:30 am start on Wednesdays)

CLOSED Dec 24–Jan 1

607 255-2673 
Fax: 607 255-6681

Urgent phone consultation available evenings and weekends


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