Inclusion and Diversity

FSAP is committed to providing resources, consultation, guidance, and support to all members of the Cornell community who rely on our services.

We recognize that race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, culture and socio-economic status may affect the well-being of an individual and/or influence an individual's choices about seeking services.

With that in mind, every member of our staff strives to be sensitive to the individual needs of those who use (or might in the future use) our services. Our commitment is to meet each person with interest, respect, sensitivity, and compassion. We invite you to share who you are, what concerns you, and what matters to you, and to help us learn from you and with you.

An integral part of our commitment is the on-going effort to enhance and improve our services to the diverse population we serve.

  • Partnerships with departments and organizations that serve Cornell's richly diverse community and/or provide services and support to particular communities.
  • A special "language line" to offer interpretation in over 170 languages to assist clients who would feel more comfortable talking in their native language.
  • Providing services for people affected (directly or indirectly) by bias-related incidents.

Find information about Cornell's commitment to diversity, and link to campus resources and services at

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