FSAP Marketing Materials

Several FSAP print communications are now available:

Advertise FSAP in your work area

 FSAP Poster  

General  FSAP poster (pdf) for your office or common area.

FSAP resources for specific audiences

Additional Resources: In Stock at FSAP 

If you would like copies of any of the following resources, please call FSAP.

 FSAP Poster Tear Offs  

This version of the FSAP poster has tear-off cards affixed in the lower right hand corner. Ideal for placement in common areas. New pads of cards can be requested when tear-offs are gone.

 FSAP postcard  

Postcards are 2-sided with space for a mailing label on the back.

 FSAP WALLET card These credit card-sized cards are designed to be kept in your wallet.


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Dec 17-21 & Jan 2–Jan 18

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607 255-2673 
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Urgent phone consultation available evenings and weekends