Quotes About Services

If you're apprehensive about calling FSAP for consultation, you may appreciate knowing what others have said about the care and consultation received from our providers. Below are some quotes that reflect the experience of Cornell faculty and staff:

  • "It is wonderful to have this service to employees as things at home definitely can impact my work days at Cornell. Having a resource to talk things through makes me feel that the university supports me as an employee."
  • "FSAP is one of our most important employee benefits. I wish more people would break down the barriers to counseling, and see it as something that we all occasionally need."
  • "I hope that staff realizes what an awesome resource FSAP is. It was especially helpful get an appointment so quickly; life can go from manageable to overwhelming so fast."  
  • "This is a wonderful service—I encourage you to take advantage of this service early for that which ails you.You will be a better, stronger, more comfortable, individual and be supportive of those around you." 
  • Thank you Thank you! This is a fabulous service and I received care attention and a real reality check that helped me manage my depression!"
  • "I never expected to need this service. However, unexpected things happen in life and when they do, this was a great bridge between helping with the immediate need and getting the ongoing support necessary to address the issue."
  • "I value the FSAP as one of our most important benefits at Cornell. I sincerely wish that more people would take advantage of the opportunity to gain some insight into whatever facet of their emotional health is challenging them at any given time. It's easy to integrate into a work day, confidential—who doesn't need counseling, at some point in their life?"

If you have used FSAP services and would like to share your experience (anonymously on this site), please email fsap@cornell.edu.