Our services are designed to help you manage the struggles that come with life and work. Whether you have concerns about balancing the complex demands of daily living, making the most of an opportunity, working through an acute problem or stressor, or dealing with a complex mental health concern, our staff can help you get information, consider options, and obtain the services or care you need.

FSAP services are:

Services we provide include:

Personal consultation and needs assessment

  • A consultation with FSAP can be helpful when new options, a different perspective, or information about resources are needed.
  • We will listen carefully to understand your reasons for calling FSAP, and any questions, hopes, needs, or concerns you might have so we can assist you in exploring what information or services may be helpful. 
  • Call FSAP to arrange an initial consultation appointment. Your first appointment typically will be:
    - Scheduled within 1 – 3 business days (if your need is urgent, we will schedule you the same day).
    - A phone appointment, unless you would prefer to meet in person.
    - Relatively brief as we seek to assess your needs and together make a plan for the appropriate next step.
  • Consultation for urgent concerns is available 24/7. During business hours, we will arrange for you to talk with an FSAP counselor. Evenings and weekends, you can talk with the on-call provider.

Short-term counseling

  • We offer brief, solution-focused counseling for assistance with work-related, personal, or family concerns.
  • Most appointments take place at the FSAP office and last about one hour.
  • When language translation services are necessary, it is necessary to meet at the FSAP office.

Information about and referral to campus or community resources and services

  • Faculty and staff in need of ongoing counseling will be best served by a referral to an outside provider, particularly when they are seeking services or need assistance that is beyond the scope of the FSAP.
  • FSAP staff can provide information about campus and community resources that might be well-suited to your need. (Review these examples of departments and organizations that serve our community.)
  • We maintain a list of social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and providers within other disciplines in our area for those who need ongoing or specialized services and can help facilitate a referral.
  • Some people may appreciate guidance about how to approach a service provider or organization. We will be happy to think through strategies that will help you feel more comfortable making a connection.

Consultation with supervisors, managers, and others who are concerned about an employee or workplace situation

  • FSAP provides guidance and support to supervisors in an attempt to alleviate, reduce, or better manage challenging workplace dynamics or stressors. Managers, supervisors, or administrators can consult with the FSAP to gain a better understanding of the issue at hand, and to formulate and develop a plan to resolve the matter. 
  • Supervisors often seek assistance in responding to or managing employees with personal problems, and employees whose behaviors are causing poor job performance or interpersonal conflicts.
  • FSAP also consults with co-workers, friends, and family members who have concerns about a Cornell faculty or staff member.
  • We are happy to provide suggestions about how to make a referral to FSAP.

Crisis response and community support

  • FSAP plays a key role in the university's coordinated crisis-response system, which provides immediate and sustained assistance to members of the community affected by crisis.
  • FSAP staff will partner closely with departments, supervisors and managers, and others closely involved to:
    - Coordinate the flow of information while protecting confidentiality and privacy in sensitive personal matters.
    - Arrange for appropriate services to those affected by a crisis, such as personal support, information, referrals, community support meetings, post-crisis recovery.
  • We also participate in university committees responsible for threat assessment and emergency planning.
  • To contact FSAP about a crisis situation, please call us at 607 255-2673, and identify the situation as urgent. When FSAP is closed, our phone number will connect you to the on-call provider. Your call will be answered by our answering service that will take your contact information. The on-call provider will call you back promptly.

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