In case of emergency
CALL 911

On campus, use a Blue Light Phone or campus emergency phone for the Cornell Police: lift the receiver or press the button.


Cayuga Medical Center

Assessing a situation

  • If you know you are having a health emergency, dial 911.
    The dispatcher will send an ambulance and police to provide immediate assistance. Charges for taking an ambulance to the hospital in an emergency usually are covered by health insurance. If your health problem is not an emergency, transportation by ambulance may not be covered and is quite expensive. Taxis and buses are available.
  • If you are uncertain whether a situation is an emergency or requires an ambulance or other medical intervention, call 911 or 607 255-1111 for the Cornell University Police.
  • In a non-emergent situation, call 607 255-5155
    to speak with Gannett’s on-call health care provider who can advise you about whether, when, and where to seek assistance: .

Blue Light or campus emergency phones

If you use a Blue Light or campus emergency phone, the location of the phone you are using will simultaneously be displayed on the Cornell Police switchboard, so help will immediately be sent to that location, whether or not you are able to communicate with the dispatcher.

Emergency responders

Your call for an on-campus emergency will be responded to immediately by police, fire, and emergency medical providers, including Cornell University Emergency Medical Service, Environmental Health and Safety, and Bangs Ambulance

Crisis managers

In an emergency involving a member of the Cornell community, the Cornell University Police will contact the Cornell Crisis Manager who will coordinate the University's assistance to all those affected. If you have relevant information to share with the Crisis Manager (e.g., observations about the incident; information about friends, family, or other contacts; concerns about bystanders; etc.), please call the Cornell Police (607 255-1111) and ask to speak with the Crisis Manager (available 24/7).

Other assistance


Contact FSAP

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